Have More Fun When You Run with These Urgent Care Safety Tips

Going for a Fun Run can be all the more enjoyable if you’re well prepared for the event. After all, you cannot be too complacent about taking safety measures, even if it’s “just 5K” only, anyway. A downtown Sacrament urgent care reminds folks to keep their health and safety on top of mind as they join activities like the Falcon 5K Fun Run.

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Home and Garden Expo Safety Tips From Local Urgent Care

With the Sacramento Home and Garden Show just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your health. While health issues certainly don’t go hand-in-hand with the show at first glance, the downtown Sacramento urgent care center knows better. Each year they see garden show attendees who have overheated, overturned an ankle or suffered another malady during the nearby show. Make sure you don’t become a patient by following these tips.
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Wear the Right Attire While Biking Says Urgent Care in Sacramento

Biking has long been one of the most popular individual and family-based fitness activities in the United States. An increasing number of cities now have dedicated bike lanes, and there are a growing number of family-friendly bike events occurring annually around the country. The Sacramento area, blessed with beautiful weather almost year round, is certainly no exception to this.

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What Should Patients Expect When Visiting a Local Walk-In Clinic?

You may have a regular doctor who you visit for routine check-ups and other non-urgent needs, but there are instances when you need to see a doctor immediately and do not have the luxury of having to wait. The matter may not be a true emergency, but you may be thinking about going to the emergency room instead simply because you need to see a doctor right away. While you could head to the emergency room, a better idea for those who do not have a true medical emergency may be to head to a Downtown Sacramento urgent care clinic.

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Urgent Care Centers are Practical, Smart, and Perfect for Patients

If you have developed a life-threatening injury or symptom, then you need to head to the emergency room immediately. For everything else though, you would be wise to visit your urgent care center in towns like Downtown Sacramento. These convenient and well-staffed clinics perform incredible medical assignments that save the patient time and money. The numbers show that almost 7,000 urgent care centers are located in the U.S. There is no appointment necessary at these facilities, and they usually are open seven days a week until 9 p.m. or later, 365 days a year. Continue reading

Acute Bronchitis Symptoms and the Importance of Seeking Urgent Care

Acute bronchitis is among the common respiratory conditions that bring many people to urgent care facilities in downtown Sacramento. It’s a condition characterized by the irritation and swelling of the bronchi, two tube-like organs where air passes through into and out of each lung. The inflammation causes the bronchi to produce mucus, triggering cough. Those infected demonstrate a host of symptoms similar to that of a common cold, including sore throat, low fever, watery eyes, and coughing up of yellow to green mucus.

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Downtown Sacramento Urgent Care—Tips for Grand Air Guitar Performance

The 2015 season of the U.S. Air Guitar (USAG) World Championships has begun, and on June 6, a qualifying event to crown Sacramento’s best air guitarist will be held at Starlite Lounge. The qualifier is the first ever to be held in The City of Trees. Think you’ve got what it takes to be the world’s next air guitar champion? Sign up to compete at USAirGuitar.com. A $100 cash prize is at stake, coupled with the chance to represent Sacramento in SF at the USAG Regional Finals.

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