Your Local Walk-in Clinic Advocates Safely Decorating for the Holidays

Christmastime may be considered “the most wonderful time of the year,” but it’s also one of the riskiest. From burning Christmas trees to overloaded electrical circuits, there are plenty of scenarios that quickly turn festivities into serious accidents.

Your Downtown Sacramento urgent care center encourages you to heed some simple but helpful tips to avoid accidents or injuries while decorating for the holidays.

Christmas Decor

Get Help

Although you may choose to complete these tasks on your own, it is much safer and easier to enlist help from another person when you put up Christmas lights and other displays. Having an extra pair of hands makes it easier for you to finish your task quickly; two sets of hands are better than one.

Also, if you slip and fall there will be someone ready to provide immediate help. You may mildly sprain your ankle or experience head trauma and other serious injuries.

Use Quality Equipment

Make sure to pay attention to both the height and weight capacity of your ladder. If you will be working on the roof, you need a ladder that can sufficiently extend and reach past the edge of your roof. If it is going to fall short of it, do not risk using the ladder. Although you may be able to reach the top, climbing down becomes another issue with a ladder too short to reach on your descent.

Meanwhile, if it does not provide sufficient weight capacity, it might not be able to support your full weight while on it. If it collapses from under you, you are going to find yourself falling to the ground and incurring any degree of injury.

Wear Proper Work Gear

Do not think that you are merely decorating for the holidays and, therefore, do not need proper work gear. This kind of complacent attitude is precisely what lends to the season’s injury statistics. Wear shoes with non-slip soles when working outside to help keep your balance on wet surfaces. Also, wear work gloves with good gripping material that can help strengthen your hold to ledges and other supports.

In case you do become injured while working on your holiday decorations, do not worry. A local Downtown Sacramento walk-in clinic, such as U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, will be ready to provide the treatment you need. 

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