Safely Cleaning Your Gutters: A Guide from Your Urgent Care Clinic

When it comes to care and maintenance, gutters are often the plight of roofs: out of sight, out of mind. This shouldn’t be the case because they play a very important role in protecting the structural integrity of your house. Without gutters, rainwater can pool on your roof, leading to warped and weakened materials.


The other important function of roof gutters is that they redirect rainwater to a water tank or a pipeline away from the immediate vicinity of the house foundation. This helps prevent waterlogging, as well as water from seeping into the foundation of the house.

When it comes to cleaning the gutters, your local downtown Sacramento urgent care center will provide tips on how you can be safe throughout the chore.

Secure Ladder

To reach the gutter, you need an adjustable ladder. Make sure to secure it at the ground before stepping on it. Falling the ladder or the roof is a common mishap during a gutter clean-up project. This is why you need to wear shoes with good traction to avoid slips.

Wear Safety Gloves

From climbing up the ladder and holding onto the roof shingles, to clearing the gutters of debris, you need to wear work gloves to protect your hands. You can get splinters from fallen twigs or branches, or be pricked by needles or thorns hiding underneath piles of dried leaves.

They also help you keep your hands clean and safe from touching possible pathogens and bacteria-carrying items. Use proper tools as well, such as a gardening shovel, to unclog and declutter the gutter, so you don’t have to do everything with your hands.

The ideal type of glove you should get is a suede glove. It’s tougher and sturdier than cotton, and at the same time it’s lighter and thinner than rubber.

Protect Your Eyes

Wear protective eye gear to keep your eyes safe from debris or other particles. It’s also common for insects such as wasps, bees, or mosquitoes to fly around you as you clean the gutters. Sometimes, gutters are their makeshift nest, which means cleaning puts them into attack mode.

In case you get injured while doing gutter cleanup, walk in clinics in downtown Sacramento, CA, such as U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, are ready to help.

As a final note, remember to clean your gutters at least twice a year. You don’t want them filled with debris when the winter or rainy season hits.


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