Downtown Sacramento Walk In Clinic Urges Back Care During Fall Cleanup

Who doesn’t love autumn? The trees are turning beautiful colors and the weather is mild enough to take long strolls around your Sacramento neighborhood. Homeowners, however, know that all the fall beauty comes at a cost. Dead leaves are falling down, blanketing yards everywhere. While no one likes raking leaves, it’s a necessary job— rotting leaves can ruin your lawn and render your property visually unappealing.

Even if you exercise daily, raking leaves still can be a strenuous task. It requires movements like bending, twisting, and lifting that can lead to back injuries. While downtown Sacramento urgent care clinics can ease the pain of back injury, it’s always better to prevent such injuries by following some simple measures.

Raking Leaves

Prepare Your Tools

The right tools can save you hours of raking time and decrease your chances for a back injury. When it comes to your rake, make sure that it’s proportionate to your height and is of a comfortable weight. Wear slip resistant footwear and consider wearing gloves to get a solid grip.

For disposal, using a tarp is more convenient and safer than leaf bags. You simply pile the leaves on top and pull it to your desired location for disposal, instead of straining your back by bending and lifting heavy bags.

Use the Right Moves

Warming up with a few stretches and a quick jog is essential to avoid back pain and injury when raking leaves, which can be a real workout. In addition, observe proper posture by standing up straight. Switch hands to avoid cramping since raking leaves is a repetitive task. Bend at the knees instead of your back when you need to reach down.

Finally, take breaks every so often to give your body a rest and rehydrate with lots of water for ideal muscle function.

Work Smart

In addition, don’t try to do it all at once— take several days to work on your yard by dividing it into multiple sections. Choose a dry day to work, since wet leaves are more challenging to rake and harder to carry from one place to another. Furthermore, a day with little or no wind is perfect for raking leaves.

When you consider just how beautiful autumn can be, raking leaves seems like a small price to pay. Yet back pain can hinder you from enjoying fall, so follow these preventive measures to avoid pain and injury when cleaning up your yard.

Just in case of the unexpected, however, it’s an excellent idea to have the address of a downtown Sacramento walk in clinic, such as U.S. HealthWorks, so you can go in if you sustain an injury from raking leaves.

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