Artwalk in Downtown Sacramento: How Urgent Care Centers Can Help You

Every 2nd Saturday of the month, art-lovers, music fans, and tourists from all over flock to Downtown Sacramento for an evening filled with culture, food, and colorful artworks. For one evening per month, local businesses and galleries open up their doors to showcase their wares and exhibit the talents of rising artists.


For those who are planning to drink in the culture and the sights in this event, they must be prepared for some serious walking. More than 36 galleries across several city blocks can be visited, and it is also a great way to get some exercise. If you’re thinking of using walking as a new form of workout, here are some key facts about it:

Keeping Your Joints Fit with Walking

The Arthritis Foundation highly recommends regular half-hour sessions of walking to help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis. Being a low-impact workout, walking helps patients who have had prior joint injuries to gradually ease themselves into a routine that can help rehabilitate their bodies.

Have a Healthier Mind through Walking

In 2015, a Stanford University research group has found that aside from helping to keep the body fit, walking exercises can calm the mind and help treat depression. Regular walking encourages the body to produce endorphins or hormones that naturally-relieve pain, thereby leading to a better mood and less stress.

Keeps Your Cardiovascular Health in Check

The American Heart Association explains that any type of aerobic workout helps get the blood flowing. In this case, walking improves circulation and lowers blood pressure. Also, walking as a form of workout can lower one’s risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

How to Be Smart When Walking for Exercise

Like with any other night out on the town, one should be prepared beforehand. The same applies even if you’re just planning to take a stroll to the numerous galleries in Downtown Sacramento. urgent care centers say that walking for exercise should be done properly, to avoid any injuries. This entails using the right type of shoes, preferably those with enough cushion and with non-skid soles.

Visitors during the Art Walk should also bring with them enough water to hydrate themselves, as they are expected to browse through dozens of different art galleries and local shops. If in any case you, a friend, or family member needs medical assistance while taking a tour of the area, visit a Downtown Sacramento walk in clinic to get help. These specialists can treat you if you need first aid or other medical services.

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